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Pearlshine HTV- Red Roses

$11.00 AUD

30cm x 50cm panel

Bulk available by special order

Pearlshine Flex is the perfect combination of rich jewel-tone colors and a glistening finish. This specialty flex has the vibrant range of colors and design patterns available, makes eye-catching creations and accents.
Please note that Pearlshine Neon Rainbow Pink is slightly transparent so will take on the colour of the garment that it is being pressed onto.
It is stretchy and very easy to weed, soft and smooth.
Pearlshine is suitable for transfer to textiles like cotton, polyester, cotton/polyester blends.

Instructions for application:

1. Cut Shiny side DOWN

2. Mirror Design

3. Cut on normal Iron on settings (aways do a test cut)

4. Weed unwanted vinyl

5. Press at 145-160 degrees for 30 seconds

6. Ensure you apply lots of pressure

6. Peel Warm- Gently